2.1 Current Legislation and Guidance

Currently, the primary legislative requirements are found in:

Road Traffic Act, 1961
The base legislation for the regulation of road traffic and vehicles.

Road Traffic Act, 1994
Amended that allows for traffic calming measures to be introduced.

Road Traffic Act 2004
Introduction of the metric speed limits and special speed limits.

Roads Act, 1993
The base legislation for the regulation of the construction and maintenance of public roads.

Furthermore, the following Statutory Instruments are relevant to the provision of cycling facilities:

S.I. 181 of 1997, Road Traffic (Signs) Regulations, 1997

S.I. 182 of 1997, Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations, 1997

S.I. 273 of 1998, Road Traffic (Signs) (Amendment) Regulations, 1998

S.I. 274 of 1998, Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) (Amendment) Regulations, 1998

Additional legislation is in preparation associated with the following:

Traffic Signs Manual, 2010 (pending)
Road Traffic (Signs) (Amendment) Regulations, 2010 (pending)

Guidance Documents

The Traffic Management Guidelines, 2003 provides guidance on traffic management including some guidance regarding cycling.

The forthcoming Irish Manual for Streets will also provide relevant advice on cycling.

The National Cycle Manual, 2010, superseded Provision of Cycle Facilities – National Manual for Urban Areas, 1998.